About Us

Do you have those dreams of a lower handicap , hitting high-flying STRAIGHT shots, and looking like you actually know what you are doing on the golf course? 

Imagine stepping up to the tee with confidence, knowing your shot is headed down the middle. 

Picture a chip shot that gives you the gift of a tap in one putt.  

The whole foursome being envious of your score.

These are feelings that only golfers who love the game can understand. 

Are you tired of shelling out big bucks for golf gear that just doesn’t fit your game? 

We've been in those shoes, missing shots and facing the same frustrations.

And it’s not just the money, honestly, it's the time too. All those hours watching online videos and taking lessons. Some of it helped but some made things much worse. 

It’s actually why we started LV8 golf. 

Listen, golf is fun . . . but it’s more fun when it takes a few less strokes.  

That’s our goal. 

We don’t just develop products; we create solutions. 

Solutions that go from the tee all the way to the green. 

Actually, they go further than that. 

Our solutions change the way you look at yourself as a golfer. And the way you feel after a round.

We're golfers, just like you.

All of us, the entire LV8 team. 

Our mission?

It’s the same as yours.

Play better golf, lower those scores, and, most importantly, have more fun doing it. 

There’s a caveat here though. 

Something you should know about us . . . we LOVE shaking things up. 

We took a deep dive into the golf market and learned so much about what causes problems for amateur golfers. 

The clubs that are out there. . . 

 the ones that cost the same amount as your mortgage. . . 

they aren’t designed with the amateur players in mind.

Guess what, we aren’t professional golfers, and neither are you. 

We found those gaps and spaces that desperately needed real solutions (like a hybrid wedge or a driver that won’t slice) the real game changers. 

Integrity, Quality, Education – these aren't just words to us. They're the pillars of LV8 Golf. We're committed to standards that not just meet but exceed expectations.

Leading our innovation are Jeff Halstead and Josh Boggs, who are true visionaries in the golf world. With a legacy of success at industry giants such as Taylor Made, Nike Golf, Adams and Rawlings and working on tour players’ clubs including Tiger Woods, their expertise drives our groundbreaking designs.

They understand the pain points of real (non pro) golfers and address them in a unique way that tackles the problem head on. 

So, come join us at LV8 Golf. Let's elevate your game and rediscover the joy of golf, together.