Choosing Golf Equipment

Buying golf equipment can be like dumping money into a
money pit, but armed with some knowledge you can save
time and money in selecting the right clubs for
yourself. As with most things in life, you can spend a
lot or you can spend a little several times before you
get what you really need.

If you are first starting out and not completely sure
you want to commit to this addictive game, you should
either rent clubs at the golf course, or buy a starter
set of clubs.

Buying a set of started clubs enables you to become
accustomed to them; enabling you to concentrate on
your swing instead of wondering how this set of
miss-matched clubs you just rented are going to work

As you become better at the game, you should invest in
a better set of clubs, fitted to you.

Generally, a set includes a driver, one or two fairway
woods, 4-9 irons, a wedge or two and perhaps a putter.

As you become more experienced and start thinking
about new clubs, you may want to consider buying your
driver separately. Some players want a driver to give
them more accuracy; some need the distance.

There are numerous balls available and the box will
usually have a chart on the back and direct you to the
right ball for your needs. As you learn the game and
get better at it, you should experiment with different
balls which could improve your accuracy or distance.

Having the right equipment is an important aspect of
the game; buy wisely!

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