Todd Kolb -- Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year and Coach to Major Champions
Dear golfer:

Hybrid clubs have been with us for a couple of decades now, which makes you wonder how we ever got by without them.

They’ve been a godsend – and it’s easy to see why.

Unlike the thin-bladed, hard-to-hit long irons of yore, hybrids feature:

  • A wide, curved sole that won’t dig into the turf.
  • A hollow-bodied head that’s extremely forgiving on miss-hits, and…
  • A size and shape that inspire confidence at address.
It’s no surprise that so many golfers rank hybrids as their favorite clubs.

Some even use a hybrid for chipping.

You might be one of them – and it makes total sense. 
The wide sole makes a hybrid almost impossible to chunk – unlike, say, the 8-iron or wedge you’ve struggled with for so long.

That alone is good reason to chip with a hybrid.

It’s a nice weapon on bump-and-run shots, too, and glides nicely through greenside rough.

But … and there’s always a but

Chipping with a conventional hybrid has its drawbacks.

That’s because most hybrids are 39 – 40 inches long, with a flat (horizontal) lie angle and less than 30° loft.

Translation: For the purpose of chipping, they’re too long, too flat, and they barely get the ball airborne.

The length forces you to grip way down to have any kind of touch, and the lie angle makes you swing around your body – which causes thin contact.

Then there’s that low loft – fine if you’ve got a long chip with tons of green to work with, but bad when you need height and spin from close range. 

So yes, regular hybrids have some advantages in the short game.

But their length, lie and loft really limit their usefulness. 

Regular Hybrid... Shaft is too long with a shallow, low-loft face.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I’m thinking that if someone designed a hybrid with a slightly shorter shaft, about the length of a putter…

A more upright lie angle , also similar to a putter…

And the ample loft of, say, an 8- or 9-iron , that…

You just might have the answer to all your chipping woes.

Funny, but Jeff Halstead was thinking the exact same thing.
Jeff is a club designer – a multi-time Golf Digest “Hot List” winner and one of the best in the business .

He’s long been puzzled by the lack of short game solutions available for everyday golfers.

The major manufacturers simply don’t make clubs specifically for chipping.

Apparently, they expect you to do what the pros do – nip your irons and wedges off tight turf, make clean contact in the thick stuff, and control your distances with a surgeon’s precision.

How hard can it be?

Well, unless you have the talent and practice time of a tour pro, it’s pretty damn hard.

That rankles Jeff to no end.

He’s done as much as anyone to fill the void, creating a number of wedges that make chips, pitches and bunker shots easier for recreational golfers.

You’ve no doubt heard of some of these clubs. You might even carry a couple.

I’ve used them myself, and I can absolutely vouch for their effectiveness – and Jeff’s ingenuity.

So when I heard he’d devised a brand-new club that turns chipping into child’s play, I couldn’t wait to see it – and try it.

In the video at the top of this page, you can watch what happened the very first time I used Jeff’s latest innovation.

Spoiler alert: It works.

It really, really works.

And the whole concept makes so much sense, I can’t believe I’ve never seen another club like it.

I bet you haven’t, either.

Are you ready? Here it is:

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper

Before I tell you all about this exciting new club, a brief introduction. 

I’m Todd Kolb, PGA teaching professional and a three-time Golf Digest “Best Instructor” honoree. I’ve been lucky to coach an LPGA major champion along with numerous pros and college golfers.

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper wasn’t built for them, though. It was built for the vast majority of my other students – amateurs like you, who need an easy-to-hit alternative to the usual short game tools.

Here’s a handful of things that make this club special:
  • A wide sole that’s essentially chunk-proof and glides through rough with ease
  • An upright lie that nearly eliminates thin shots by promoting a simple, down-the-line swing
  • The perfect loft for popping the ball up and getting it rolling toward the hole
  • A crystal-clear alignment guide that sets you up square to the target , every single time, and…
  • The shape of a hybrid to make it virtually shank-proof
Now, if the Yuma Hybrid Chipper did nothing but eradicate chunks, skulled shots and shanks, it would be worth its weight in gold. 

It certainly does all that – and a whole lot more.

So… what makes the Yuma so much better than a standard iron or wedge?

The ingeniously simple design.

It’s a marvel of purpose-built efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at this stroke-saving beauty.

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper

Specs, Features & Benefits

Length: 36.25” (similar to a putter)
(34" from top of grip to the ground when in swing position)

Loft: 37° (similar to an 8- or 9-iron)

Lie angle: 68° (similar to a putter)
The Yuma’s length and lie position you closer to the ball than a traditional iron. That puts your swing on a natural, straight-back-and-through path , which requires little to no clubface rotation.
Yuma Hybrid Chipper
In fact, you can use your putting grip and stroke for most shots with the Yuma, which takes those twitchy hands and wrists out of the equation.

The upright lie angle also places your eyes over the ball instead of well inside, which improves alignment compared to the club you’re currently using . Consider: Studies show the average player aims 10% farther to the right when chipping with an iron.

Result: Much greater consistency of contact, distance and direction.

Then there’s the Yuma’s loft – perfect for playing chip shots as well as bump-and-runs.

Just make an easy, back-and-through swing and the ball hits the green running smoothly toward the cup . If you need to roll it up a slope or between bunkers, you can do that, too.

Now for those special features:

1. Hybrid-Style, Never-Dig Sole Puts an End to Chunked Chips

Tell me something:

When’s the last time you chunked a hybrid? I mean really chunked it, with sod flying everywhere and the ball falling halfway to the target.

Doesn’t happen, does it?

If you hit behind the ball with a hybrid, the curved leading edge and wide sole simply slide along the turf rather than digging into it.
Same with the Yuma Hybrid Chipper. 

Its gently beveled leading edge and deep, rounded sole flat-out will not dig into the ground. 

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Imagine standing over a chip shot without the slightest fear of hitting it fat.

That’s life with the Yuma Hybrid Chipper.

2. Six Sole Channels Cut Right Through Rough

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper is not only terrific from short grass, it’s fantastic in the long stuff , too.

The sole features six slender channels, carved front to back, which prevent gnarly grass from grabbing and slowing down the clubhead. 

That also keeps the clubface square as it moves through the rough, so your chips will fly and roll on line – even if your lie is lousy.
Six channel grooves prevent chunks and digs

3. Clubface & Grip Alignment Aids Aim You Precisely at the Target

A perfectly positioned vertical stripe runs down the center of the Yuma Chipper’s face, so there’s no guessing whether you’re lined up correctly.

Doubling the effect is a white line on the top of the grip. Simply hold the grip so the line is perpendicular to the clubface stripe and Voila! You’re ready to chip it in.

Alignment is often overlooked in the short game, but it’s absolutely crucial to accurate chipping. 

4. Hollow Body = High MOI = “Good” Miss-Hits

“Golf isn’t about the quality of your best shots. It’s about the quality of your worst ones.”

If you subscribe to that philosophy – as I do – you’ll appreciate the Yuma’s exceptional forgiveness.

Like a regular hybrid, it’s perimeter weighted for outstanding stability. Catch the ball on the toe or heel and you’ll lose very little (if anything) in terms of distance and direction.

There’s also the Yuma’s large clubface – it’s a whopping 37% bigger than a traditional iron , further boosting forgiveness… and confidence.

Finally, there’s the glare-reducing, matte-black finish and a tiny amount of “face progression” – meaning the leading edge is just ahead of the shaft, rather than vice versa – which ensures you’ll strike the ball before the ground.
As I said: The Yuma Hybrid Chipper is ingeniously simple. And remarkably effective. 

If I had to sum up its value, I’d put it like this:

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper automatically improves your chipping motion AND forgives mistakes when you make them.

Oh, and if that’s not enough:

It’s an awesome utility club away from the green, too.

Yep, you’ll use the Yuma for more than just chipping. It works great for:
  • Fairway bunker shots
  • Punch shots off pine straw or other inconsistent lies
  • Recovery shots from the trees
  • Shots off hardpan, muck or “cuppy” lies
  • Approach shots from 9-iron distance
That last one is especially important.

Launch monitor testing shows that on full swings, the Yuma flies the same distance as a 9-iron .

So… If you find the Yuma intriguing but aren’t sure which club it would replace, your 9-iron is a prime candidate to get the heave-ho. 

Whatever club you ditch, I promise you this:

You’ll come out ahead in the “strokes gained” category. Probably way ahead.

With the Yuma in your bag, you won’t have to resort to using your putter from off the green.

You’ll never have to worry about the dreaded “two-chip” (where you need two shots to get on).

You won’t skull it into oblivion or chunk it two feet.

And you sure as hell won’t shank it.

More often than not, you’ll nestle your chip shots to comfortable one-putt range.
Huge, forgiving sweet spot.

I bet you’ll end up with a ton of gimmes, too.

Compare that to the club (or clubs) you’re chipping with today.

I mean that literally.

We’re so confident the Yuma will instantly improve your short game , we’re happy to give you this:

A 60-day, money-back guarantee: If the Yuma Hybrid Chipper doesn’t save you multiple strokes per round, send it back for a full product refund.

That’s right: You can hit it as many times as you want for two whole months.

Don’t worry about scratching the clubhead or wearing out the grip. You’ll still get a full product refund if you send it back.

During the trial period, keep careful track of your up-and-down stats and, if possible, compare them to how you were doing before the Yuma.

Hold a “chip-off” on the practice green, pitting the Yuma against the club(s) you currently use for chipping.

Whatever it takes to be sure your purchase was a good decision, do it.

I already know which way it will go.

The Yuma Hybrid Chipper is gonna come out on top.

It simplifies chipping and minimizes mistakes in a way no other club does. 


I just hope you’re ready for the looks on your buddies’ faces when they see you:

  • Turning sure-fire bogeys into tap-in pars
  • Getting up-and-down from spots that always eat their lunch
  • Escaping trouble with a cat burglar’s cunning
  • Carding scores they didn’t think you could touch, and…
  • Relishing your newfound mastery of the short game – and their wallets

Can you get on board with a future like that?

I thought so.

Make it happen today – order your Yuma Hybrid Chipper below.

What are you waiting for?

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