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What Do You Get When You Add Perfect Chipping Loft
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The MUL: Golf’s First Hybrid Putter

Use Your Putting Stroke and Start Chipping it
Close – and Chipping it IN – from 5… 10… Even 20
Yards Off the Green. You’ll Save Shots Instantly, Guaranteed.

Dear fellow golfer:

You probably don’t slice your steak with a butter knife, do you?

Or shovel snow with a garden spade?

Would you go deep-sea fishing with a cane pole?

Of course not.

In each case, you’d use a tool made specifically for the task at hand.

Yet there you are on the golf course, chipping with an 8-iron.

Maybe you use a pitching wedge, or a lower-lofted iron.

Whatever club you choose, we’ve got news for you:

It’s the wrong one.

Dead wrong.

In fact, it’s the cause of your short game misery.

The vexing chunked chips.

The infuriating bladed pitch shots.

Those soul-sucking shanks into oblivion.

And the wasted strokes.

So… many… wasted… strokes.

Sorry if we struck a nerve.

But this is need-to-know info.

Because you can’t fix a problem until you get to its root.

That’s what we’re here for.

To fix your ailing short game.

And do it quickly. Easily.

Best of all, to do it permanently.

Are you ready? OK then…

Let’s talk about the ill-fitting tools you’re using around the greens.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short iron, a wedge, or a combination of clubs.

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for them, either.

Doesn’t matter if they’re loaded with mind-blowing technology or played by major-winning pros.

Your equipment is setting you up for failure.

See, here’s what you probably don’t realize:

Conventional irons aren’t made for playing chip shots or delicate little pitches.


They’re made for playing full shots.

Hence, when you shorten the swing and slow it down, their design features suddenly become defects.

To wit, a conventional iron or wedge has:

  • A narrow sole that digs into the turf and causes fat shots.
  • A sharp leading edge that’s prone to snagging, which creates poor contact.
  • A lightweight clubhead that promotes a wristy motion and makes distance control a guessing game.
  • A flat lie angle that pushes you too far from the ball and demands impeccably timed rotation, back and through, to square the clubface.
  • A standard-size grip that invites excess hand action, a major cause of “flipping” and thin shots.

It’s starting to become clear, isn’t it?

A hot-faced 7 iron is hard to control distance.

If you use traditional clubs for common greenside shots, your technique has to be practically perfect.

You need exquisitely timed wrist action.

Unerring rotation throughout the swing.

Hands just a fraction ahead of the ball at impact.

A sniper’s sense of distance and trajectory.

In short: You need the kinds of skills very few golfers have the time (let alone the talent) to develop.

It takes lessons – probably a whole bunch of them. Plus practice. Lots and lots of practice.

We’ll assume that, like millions of golfers who share your frustration, you’ve already been down that path.

Maybe you took a detour by resorting to the putter for every possible off-the-green situation.

Or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to a terminally ill short game and a handicap that never shrinks.

Nah, we know better than that.

You love golf too much – and hate failure waaayyy too much – to simply give up and give in.

No, you’re here for a reason.

You want a better short game.

As we said, we’ve got just the thing. And we can’t wait to show it to you.

First, though, let’s briefly circle back to the question that started this conversation:

Would you use a butter knife to cut your steak?

You might. But only if you didn’t have an actual steak knife.

Which is exactly why you use that 8-iron or wedge for chip shots – because you don’t have a club that’s purpose-built for the task.

We can hardly blame you for that.

There isn’t one.

Check that: There wasn’t one.

Not like the club you’re about to see.

A club that makes chunking or blading a chip as rare as chunking or blading a putt.

A club that instantly “de-bugs” your short game by simplifying your swing – making it as basic as back-and-through.

A club that boosts your confidence.

Lowers your scores.

And makes getting up-and-down as easy as slicing filet mignon with a finely honed blade.

Nope, there’s never been a short game solution like this:


The look, feel and accuracy of a putter, with perfect chipping loft built right in.

Forget the steak knife.

The MUL is golf’s version of a samurai sword.

A tool specially crafted to chop your struggles down to size…

To help you carve up the course…

And slash strokes in your very next round.

Now, if you’re thinking you’ve seen or even played clubs like the MUL before, we assure you – you haven’t.

The MUL is not just an old-fashioned chipper dressed up in a sleek, eye-pleasing package.

About the only feature it shares with those clubs is its loft (40 degrees, to be exact).

Otherwise, the MUL is much more like a putter than any chipper you may have tried.

That was the goal of lead designer Jeff Halstead, a Golf Digest Hot List award winner who’s worked with giants like TaylorMade and Adams Golf.

Nearly everything about his unique creation – from its head shape to its weight, its lie angle and even its grip – promotes a pendulum-style putting motion.

That keeps the head close to the ground and the face tracking the stroke path for consistent, pure contact.

It delivers the accuracy and distance control only one other club, the putter, can produce.

Indeed, it’s like having a putter for several more shots each round, including those that tend to give you fits.

Here’s a quick overview of what carrying the MUL will mean to your game:

  • You can ditch the complicated chipping motion that causes so many miss-hits in favor of a simple, arms-and-shoulders putting stroke.
  • You’ll gain consistency right away because your hands and wrists – those twitchy, unpredictable “small muscles” – will no longer dominate your swing.
  • You’ll never worry about hitting a fat shot because, well, ask yourself this: Do you ever chunk one with your putter?
  • You’ll say goodbye to thin chips, too, for the very same reason.
  • You don’t need to practice a new technique to quickly master the MUL. In fact, you’ll get a good feel for it in no time at all.

Those are the top-line benefits you can expect whenever you pull the MUL from your bag. (Our guess: You’ll do that a lot more often than you expect.)

Now let’s dive into the features that make this club a Day One game-changer.

I’ve been in the golf business for 30 years with Ping and other big companies
I’ve never seen a club like this.
It’s the first putter design built to chip with.
The face is soft and the grip keeps the big muscles working like a putting stroke.
When the ball lands it rolls out like a putt.
Great distance control and perfect trajectory.
It’s hard to chunk or blade a putter!
This is so cool!

-- Blair Phillip

Former Ping Engineer reviews The Mul

1. Look and Feel of a Putter = Comfort and Confidence at Address

When you place it behind the ball, you’ll instantly notice the differences between the MUL and your usual chipping club.

At 35.5 inches, the MUL is just a tad longer than a standard putter. Combined with its lie angle of 65 degrees – more upright than a regular wedge or iron – this puts you more on top of the ball.

You’ll be better able to see your target line – and stick every shot dead on it. You’ll also feel more control over the club and your stroke.

Look down at the MUL and you’ll note additional putter-inspired qualities. Specifically: the shape of the hosel, the blade-style clubhead and a dual-line aiming guide. This appearance reinforces your instinct to swing the MUL like a putter, not like a wedge or 8-iron.

You’ll also see a clubface that, unlike an iron, sets up square to the target line without manipulation. Just point it where you want and go.

2. Wide, Chunk-Free Sole = Zero Dragging, Snagging or Fat Shots

We won’t get too deep into the technical weeds here, but the MUL’s sole features three subtly angled sections. The very center contacts the ground, while the back portion is raised ever so slightly to avoid dragging through impact.

From front edge to back, the MUL’s sole measures about 2.5 inches. This width helps it glide smoothly across the turf without snagging in taller grass. It’s also great on tight lies, such as hardpan or wet, compacted ground.

3. Oversized Grip and Extra Weight = Consistent Arms-and-Shoulders Swing

The grips on your wedges and irons are probably regulation size (or very close to it). While that’s fine for full shots, standard grips invite more hand and wrist action than you want around the greens.

A thicker grip, like the ones now popular on putters, quiets those small muscles.In their place, the arms and shoulders take charge.

The design team actually created the MUL’s grip specifically for this club, making sure it conformed to golf’s strict equipment rules while providing maximum effectiveness.

Augmenting the grip is the MUL’s putter-like weight (about 370 grams), which also engages the arms and shoulders while inhibiting the hands and wrists.

4. Ultra-Soft Face Insert = Exceptional Accuracy and Distance Control

Based on the classic Anser-style putter, Halstead’s design pushes weight to the perimeter for a super-high MOI (moment of inertia) – higher than whatever iron or wedge you’re currently chipping with.

The result is great forgiveness on miss-hits and, more importantly, the line-tracking accuracy of a putter.

Consider: When you miss a straight, 30-foot putt to the left or right, how far off line does it finish? Maybe 3 feet at worst, right?

What about a similar-length chip? Bet you’re thrilled to get that inside 3 feet, are you?

Apply putting accuracy to your chipping – that’s what the MUL delivers.

Of course, we all know distance control is every bit as critical as left-to-right accuracy. The MUL excels there, too, thanks to its soft aluminum face insert.

Where the ball jumps off today’s hot-faced irons, the MUL has a firm but cushiony impact feel and launch. You’ll need little if any practice to correctly gauge your distances and stop shots near the pin.

The Mul is my new friend. I’ve never seen a putter with chipping loft in my life.
Set up and stroke just like my putter with the perfect chipping trajectory.
The Mul rolls like a putt after it lands. Wow—just wow!
No more skulling chips over the green for this guy.
I love this thing

-- Mike McGuffin

10 Handicap

5. Ideal Chipping Loft = Perfect Trajectory and Tons of Versatility

A sweeping motion, keeping the clubface low to the ground, is all it takes to get shots up in the air – no need to hinge the wrists or strike sharply down on the ball.

If you’re worried that the MUL’s utility is limited, don’t be. This thing works like magic on medium-height pitch shots as well as bump-and-run situations, where you need a low shot that scampers across short grass or up a slope and onto the green.

In other words, the MUL is no one-trick pony.It will soon be the workhorse of your short game.

40 degree Loft -- 65 degree Lie - 35.5" Length

Add it all up and you’ve got a club that will save you a bundle of strokes.

So far, we’ve explained how the MUL will transform your game: by turning every chip into a much simpler putt.

We’ve told you where: from practically any place near the green.

We’ve even predicted when: the very first time you put it in play.

Now it’s time for you to tell us why. As in:

Why wouldn’t you want the MUL in your bag?

Considering all the strokes and heartache it will save you…

… How easy it is to use, and…

… The time, money and patience it takes to get the same benefits (if you’re lucky) through lessons and practice with conventional clubs…

Buying the MUL seems like a complete no-brainer to us.

Improve Your Short Game with the MUL Today

It’s entirely reasonable, though, if you’re not 100% sure the MUL is right for you. We want you to be as certain as we are that it is, so let’s tackle a few questions you might be asking.

And YES! - The Mul conforms to the rules of golf!
Fully legal for tournament play!

Q: Is the MUL just for beginners or high-handicap golfers?

First of all, it is absolutely perfect for them. Less-skilled players naturally have the most to gain (or lose) by using the MUL.

That said, middle and even single-digit handicappers will immediately – and markedly – improve their short game consistency.

That’s the beauty of the MUL. By limiting the hands’ and wrists’ role in the chipping motion, it eliminates the truly awful shots that prove costly for every amateur.

It’s also indispensible on courses with closely mown chipping areas, firm turf or other features that invite run-up shots.

Q: I already carry 14 clubs. Which one would I replace with the MUL?

In all honesty, we’d consider replacing any club except your driver or putter. The MUL is that valuable.

A couple of options:

1. Replace the club you use the least.That could be a hybrid, a fairway wood or your longest iron.

We guarantee you’ll lean on the MUL more often than the club that gets a pink slip. And it will definitely prove more trustworthy.

2. Bench your worst-performing wedge.Maybe you don’t call on the lob wedge very much. It could be your sand wedge that mostly collects dust.

Perhaps your gap wedge has a big hole in its game.

Again, you can expect the MUL to instantly exceed whatever club it replaces.

Q: It seems like driving distance is everything in modern golf. Why should I invest in my short game instead of trying to get longer off the tee?

That’s a fantastic question. And we’d never discourage you from trying to improve any part of your game.

That said, there are good reasons to go with the MUL if you have to choose.

To start with, chasing distance can be a fool’s errand – and a costly one at that. It could mean dropping $600-plus on a new driver, and a couple hundred more on a suped-up shaft.

Throw in the cost of a personal fitting and you’re looking at $1,000 or more… without lessons or practice.

And when all is said and done, you still won’t be Dustin Johnson. Gaining 10-15 yards is awesome, but it’ll only earn you one less club into the greens.

The case for the MUL is easy to make. There’s the price, which we’ll reveal momentarily.

(Spoiler alert: It’s a fraction of what you’d pay for those extra 10 yards.)

We could also throw out reams of statistical data to underscore the importance of the short game. But we’ll spare you the spreadsheet and just share a couple key points from ShotByShot, a top analytics program.

An “error,” according to ShotByShot, is any shot from inside 50 yards (excluding bunker shots) that completely misses the green.You know, those calamities that destroy entire rounds?

Here’s how ShotByShot breaks it down:

  • A 20 handicap golfer makes an error a whopping 21% of the time; he gets a chip or pitch within 5 feet of the hole on just 14% of his attempts.
  • A 5 handicapper knocks it inside 5 feet a full 30% of the time, with a tiny 9% error rate.

With the MUL, you’ll immediately cut down on errors while boosting your “stiff” percentage.

Q: Is it possible to try the MUL before buying?

Actually, we’re glad you asked. Because while we can’t offer that opportunity, we make up for it with this:

A 60-Day, Hit-It-All-You-Want, Money-Back Guarantee

Purchase a MUL, tear open the box the moment it arrives, and go to town.

Put it through its paces on the chipping green… the driving range… the golf course. Set up chipping stations in the back yard or the deserted lot down the street.

Track your up-and-down averages for every round you play within the 60-day window. If the MUL doesn’t save you strokes – in fact, if there’s any issue you consider a deal-breaker – send it back and you’ll get a full product refund.

No questions asked.

Get the MUL Today

Hopefully, that takes care of any concerns you may have about the MUL.

Which leaves just one thing to discuss: the price.

If you’ve shopped for name-brand equipment lately, you know how expensive it’s gotten.

We’re not just talking drivers, either. Iron sets are through the roof, and even putters average around $250 each.

As for wedges, they’re a bit more reasonable. You can get a top-of-the-line model for under 200 bucks.

Of course, that wedge will look and play an awful lot like whatever’s in your bag right now. If there’s a segment of the golf industry where technology has lagged, it’s definitely wedges.

That’s a big reason we developed the MUL: to bridge the gap between what’s on the market and what the recreational golfer really needs

But we digress. Back to the price.

As one of the first golfers to receive this offer, before the MUL has been released to the masses, you’re privy to a terrific introductory special.

Your price, today:

Just $97

That’s it. That’s the total. Not an installment or a down payment.

Just $97 for the amazin’ MUL.

The club designed for those little shots that give you huge headaches.

The samurai sword to replace your dull-as-dirt butter knives.

The edge you’ve been looking for.

It’s finally arrived.

And you can get it right here:

When I was given the MUL to try I kind of chuckled.

The MUL looks like a putter, and I immediately felt familiar with it because I fear the chip and usually resort to my own putter, the old "Texas Wedge".

For fun, I placed my ball behind a sprinkler head and put my regular putting stroke on it. Bingo.

Over the sprinkler head, onto the green and a true putter roll to the pin.

Second try. Same thing. I am sold on the MUL. And if you fear the chip, you will be sold too.

The MUL really works!

-- John Summer

Emmy Award winning investigative reporter

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