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The Original F2 Was a
Real BreakthroughIn Wedge Design...

It was a HUGE improvement over the traditional wedges.

For example, the original F2 design eliminated the dreaded face-closing hosel-grab, allowing your club to glide through virtually any rough or sand almost effortlessly.

This innovative design change made it so you could open the face without worry and hit those nice high lobs that land soft and settle close to the pin…

Plus, the first generation F2 wedge was engineered to make it impossible (yes, IMPOSSIBLE) to hit a shank–no matter how hard you tried.

That’s because we designed it with the hosel moved slightly up to offer a larger, more for giving hitting area.

The result was a wedge that DIDN’T twist out of the rough, dig into the sand or fail you on the fairway.

In other words... the original F2 was a game-changer.

But times have changed… and so has the F2.